The No-Nonsense Project Handbook

Recently, Blackhall publishing awarded us a publishing contract to publish a book about our no-nonsense project methodology - "The No Nonsense Project Handbook" was launched to excellent acclaim. Microsoft liked it so much they sponsored the launch of the book and we are currently working on a revised edition.

The launch the book elicited significant media interest from the national papers, trade magazines and the ?Morning Ireland? show on RTE. This can be attributed the fact that the our unique style has been highly endorsed by senior executives from Microsoft, Iona Technologies, Cisco Systems, AXA Insurance, Trintech, Irish Stock Exchange, Xilinx, Automsoft, Interactive Enterprise, Cognizant Technologies and SofCheck. Minister Tom Kitt launched the book in his capacity as Minister for eGovernment/Information Society.

The book is also on the recommended reading list for Trinity College's Project Management Training course.


Sample testimonials we received for our book:

This book takes a pragmatic and simple approach to breaking down the critical components of the planning, execution and measurement of a successful project. So many Project Management books and approaches espouse the use of abstract methodologies, GANTT charts and waterfall diagrams where the desire of the project owner, particularly those less experienced, is to have a clear understanding of the more common issues that happen in the trenches. This is the sort of resource I would have loved to have had 7-8 years ago, I am sure it would have made me a more effective manager and would have been a significant benefit to our companies performance and success. Michael Galvin, General Manager, Cisco Systems Internetworking (Ireland) Ltd

"In this book, Deirdre Fox and Maire Kearns clarify the challenges for successfully delivering IT projects, a problem that faces all organisations. Their unique approach is practical and concise, and is based upon invaluable real world expertise. If you are involved in IT projects, I recommend that you reference this book on a frequent basis."
Dr. Chris Horn, Vice Chairman, Iona Technologies

You are now a Project Manager. Congratulations! So what is it that you actually have to do now? In today's competitive global economy, Productivity and Business Value are increasingly being discussed at the most senior levels of business decision making in organisations. The project management process is essentially scoping, monitoring progress and quality, managing effort, risk and schedule of the project for which you are now probably responsible. Thus as a project manager you directly control the productivity of your project. You are also directly responsible for ensuring that the business goals are delivered. So you directly contribute to business value also. There are those two words again! Easy eh? But we hear statistics such as 51% of all projects come in over budget or run past the original deadline or that 15% of projects fail altogether. So the project manger?s lot is not easy. How can you avoid all of those easy mistakes that all of us project managers have made in the past? Up until now there had been no ready reference for the new (or old) project manager to consult at the outset of his/her new project's journey. Until now..The No Nonsense Project handbook is an easy to read, and invaluable resource full of the obvious real world collective pain and experience of M?ire and Deirdre. I can certainly see myself in those 'It could happen to you' side bars you will too! This is a great book to have on your desk (in addition to your copy of Microsoft Projectof course!)
Clive Ryan, Business Group Lead, Information Worker, Microsoft Ireland

"A very practical guide to IT Project Management with a refreshing and welcome focus on "how to" rather than the theoretical. It is clear, comprehensive and will be a valuable tool for those engaged in managing IT projects." Brian Healy, Director of Trading, The Irish Stock Exchange.

Maire Kearns and Deirdre Fox are two of the most experienced Project Delivery experts in the software industry, having delivered projects for major corporations around the world on time and on budget. This book, at last, describes in a concise, usable format the entire successful project management and delivery process, and is an indispensable guide for every project manager and technology executive. It is mandatory in our organization and should be in every technologists bookshelf. Finally, a book written by people who have been there and done it successfully?.
Paraic O? Toole, CEO, Automsoft

This is a pragmatic and practical handbook for anyone who has to deliver IT projects. It is full of real world experience, including useful templates and checklists by two seasoned project managers who have embraced the many challenges we face in IT project delivery."
Martin Downes, Vice President, Enterprise, Trintech Technologies

"This practical guide to IT Project Management walks the reader, step-by-step, through every stage of the project life cycle, clearly defining roles, responsibilities and deliverables. Each chapter is self-contained so it works equally well as a training guide and/or as a reference manual. We have incorporated many of the ideas presented in this book into our Project Life Cycle methodology and this has helped to improve the overall quality of our projects"
Ronan Swan, Information Systems Manager, Xilinx.

"With an eye towards simplicity and practicality, M?ire Kearns and Deidre Fox provide a powerhouse of tips, templates and checklists to bring even the most challenging project under control. In a nutshell, "The No-Nonsense Project Handbook" provides everything you need to know about successfully managing any project." Joe Nedder, CEO, SofCheck, Inc

"At last! A plain-speaking, straight-talking guide for IT Project Managers that they can use and reuse every day on real-world projects. A good complement to the more formal project management books." Dr. Sanjiv Gossain, Vice President, Cognizant Technology Solution