Welcome to Blue Sky Training and Consulting

Blue Sky Training & Consulting was founded in 2003 to provide a new level of practical, real-world project management training and consulting in Ireland. Most other training companies have not delivered software development projects themselves - we have! Our clients like the fact that "we have been there" we truly understand the significance of bad unit testing, the ever-changing user requests, the bug that keeps you up until 4:00AM, estimation errors, rogue developers, the absence of code reviews and pre-production rollout thrills! Our industry leading framework of checklists, templates and sample documents, which supports our training, is a key benefit for our clients as their newly trained teams can hit the ground running the following day.

As senior operational directors of numerous projects across all industry sectors worldwide we have a significant track record in the management and implementation of major strategic projects. As a result we bring a wealth of real-world experience that helps us provide clients with precious often unattainable no-nonsense advice and consulting.

We also have considerable global experience in business consulting and in particular we have extensive experience in implementing projects in rapid timeframes. This experience enables us to provide you with very specialised no-nonsense training courses and project consulting. Our clients like to use our services to train and support IT teams, help business teams define project requirements, coach and guide newly appointed project managers and executives.