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“To people who are willing to challenge themselves to be better, to get more out of work and life… Blue Sky promises to make a difference to how you perform, what you achieve and consequently to how you live and feel”

Our services include training programmes to improve performance, confidence, capability, satisfaction, team dynamics and productivity when delivering projects. We also provide consulting services – facilitating strategic workshops, coaching project managers and managing projects.

We make project management more accessible, relevant, positive, interesting and fun.

We turn your ideas into results, with real business impact.

Simplify.  Deliver.  Enjoy.

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We have been fortunate to work with some really great clients:

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They’re fantastic to work with. They put everyone at ease. Fox & Kearns are very professional, very level-headed, they don’t get fazed by anything.
Public Affairs Ireland
Payac Services engaged Blue Sky to manage the IT development and integration stream of its Current Account solution for Credit Unions in Ireland. By using their unique approach and enforcing strict adherence to it, Blue Sky managed the third party vendors development and delivery on time for Payac’s launch to market. They were great at bringing together the different teams, spanning IT vendors, Credit Union staff, management and other key stakeholders to ensure that everyone was working towards the same goal while also having fun even during the stressful times.
This is the sort of project management information I would have loved to have had 7-8 years ago, I am sure it would have made me a more effective manager and would have been a significant benefit to our company's performance and success.
Cisco Systems (Ireland) Ltd
Máire Kearns and Deirdre Fox are two of the most experienced Project Management experts in the industry, having delivered projects for major corporations around the world on time and on budget. Their project management approach is mandatory in our organisation.
With an eye towards simplicity and practicality, Máire Kearns and Deirdre Fox provide a powerhouse of tips, templates and checklists to bring even the most challenging project under control.
SoftCheck USA